Themes of Love In William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing

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In William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing love and how love works is a major theme in the play. When it comes to true love in the book i believe it is incidental or secondary to the main story in the book. My reasoning behind this idea is because none of the characters are searching for love, it is not their main priority but rather happens in result of another, bigger situation or conflict and that how true love or falling in love works in real life it just happens.
In this story, it is clear that for true love to “just happen” the couple needs to have achieved a sense of understanding, trust and commitment. If two people were to fall in love they need to have some sort of connection and shared moments together. Lets call this a Deep love and Beatrice’s relationship with Benedick have that, they have their past relationship which occurred before the play started and although it was a bad break-up, its obvious that underneath the snappy comebacks and witty remarks a love is in the early stages of growth. You can see that there is still a connection from Beatrice’s first line in the whole book, she says “I pray you, is signior Mountanto returned from the wars or no?”[1.1 line 30]. Beatrice continues to ask questions about Benedick, she's clearly concerned about his welfare but she pretends to not care and be unconcerned.
Now, on one hand we have that deep, realistic and enduring love. On the other hand there is Hero and Claudio who have no previous history. Claudio…