Themes of Stones Into Schools Essay

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Themes from Stones into Schools The institution of education in many regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan is virtually nonexistent. Many girls don’t have access to schools (Stones into Schools p.4) and those that do usually don’t graduate from high school. While Greg Mortenson’s Stones into Schools and the documentary The Miseducation of Pakistan deal with two different areas, they both show many similar themes. One major recurring theme that is evident in both Stones into Schools and The Miseducation of Pakistan is the suppression of women. Both works discussed how women in the region had traditionally been discouraged from attending school or entering the workplace. The Taliban was especially opposed to women’s rights. When the Taliban…show more content…
The mountains are so high that transportation in the region is very difficult. The air can be so thin that some of the farmers in the Hindu Kush region have to slice their donkey’s nostrils open so that they can breathe easier due to the thin air (Stones into Schools p.27). The extreme terrain is a major obstacle for creating schools in the region, which is why the government didn’t build any there. Some winters in that area can last from September to June, making all transportation even more difficult. Pakistan is experiencing a similar problem. Many regions in Pakistan are geographically isolated by various geographic features and poor roads. Thus, remote areas are more difficult to access and build schools in. A third theme that comes up is crime and violence. Mortenson discusses how many dealings involve heroin dealers and conflict stricken areas. The schools that Mortenson’s organization built in the Kashmir region of Pakistan had to be outfitted with pitched metal roofs to deflect fallout from Indian artillery shells (Stones into Schools p.37). He also discusses the Taliban’s violent takeover of the previous government in Afghanistan as well as many of their excessively violent and cruel punishments for violation of their laws. The Miseducation of Pakistan depicts this theme as well. One school in Pakistan that was depicted in the video couldn’t have their classes in the classrooms because criminals were using them to store guns and drugs, so
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