Then and Now Essay

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Now and Then Interview
“Times sure have changed” is a quote that comes to mind when thinking of the different between being an adolescent today compared to being an adolescent sixty years ago. To find out more about the differences I was able to speak with a male, currently age 82, and a female age 18. I am familiar with both of these individuals one, a close friend of the family, and my cousin’s daughter was able to answer some questions for me also. These two people both grew up in the United States. The eighty-two year old lived in Kentucky as an adolescent. The eighteen year old currently resides in Arkansas. Times have changed and I learned a little about just how much in speaking with my willing participants.
These two
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He worked because it was what he had to do. Working from such a young age in his home doing mandatory chores, and additionally having to work outside the home to help his father gave him a strong work ethic. Even though he is retired, this gentleman still lives alone, owns three vehicles, which he does all basic maintenance himself. Reading from the text book on page 419, the author makes it seem that working at a young age can harm an adolescent. This goes against my personal beliefs and what I found in doing these interviews, going to school and working helped both of my interview subjects, and from my own personal experience, it gave even me a better sense of responsibility and expectation for becoming an adult. From questions about school and job situations I moved into asking these individuals about the relationships they have or had with their parents. Neither subject spoke of conflicts with their parents. They both shared that their parents trust them to make correct decisions. The elderly man shared that his community was small, so his parents would warn that if he did something wrong it would get back to them. He claimed that he and his siblings knew to “just be a good citizen,” and if they did something wrong not only would their parents find out, but neighbors would correct them verbally if they were found to do something inappropriate, “it was a

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