Then and Now: The Changing Paradigms of Special Education Assessment

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ELL Proficiency Standards
Anelyse Belsom
Grand Canyon University: ESL-533N April 16, 2014

I) ELL Stage II: Grades 1-2 (Listening and Speaking)
A)Per-Emergent Level – This student is at the level of no communication in English. 1)To help this student learn how to speak and listen in the English language this student needs to learn how to say a new object in English. This will help the student to start to practicing their English and it will help them formulate the English language and will into help them to speak in English.
B)Emergent Level – This student is able to understand a little bit in English and can conduct a conversation nut very little. 1) This student still
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Student also starts to decode comprehension when reading.
1) A student at this level should keep reading everyday so they can advance to the next level. A student at this level should find something that he/she is interested so they will keep reading everyday.
High Intermediate – At this level the student needs contextual clues to comprehend reading. The student is starting to read English fluently.
1)This student is a little bit more advised at this level. The student should read everyday but one thing to help the student is to have this student look up a word in a children's dictionary. Once the student finds the word then the student should read the definition.

III)ELL Stage II: Grades 1-2 (Writing)
Pre-Emergent – This student in this level is able to identify letters. This student might be able to write their name.
1) To help this student to learn how to write is to have this student trace letters. This student should start with the letter A to trace and then the next step would be to have the student write the letter a on their own. Once the student has completed this step then the next step would be B and then so on and so on.
Emergent – This student is able to not only write words, this student can write sentences a this level.
1) This student should be given simple sentences to write. This student should write a simple sentence about their day.
Basic – A student at this
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