Then the Dry Leaves Rustled

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On the Friday afternoon, Bailey Moran came home from school looking unusually sad. Earlier that day, she was embarrassed in front of the whole class, when her teacher found out that the story she read out was not com- pletely original. Though she knew her English teacher was very strict, she had taken the liberty of borrowing a few ideas from the internet. She silently cursed herself for being imbecile. When her teacher warned her of the severe consequences, she had begged her for an another chance. She had a weekend ahead to come up with a compelling story. The Morans were going to Dallas that evening to visit their friends. Cit- ing the need for some muse to write a story, Bailey cancelled her plans of accompanying her parents to Dallas and asked them to drop her at the grand- parents’ ranch near Waco. During the drive from Austin to Waco, she was constantly looking out for the spurt of creativity. She made a few notes about the sunset, moving trees and the flock of birds flying home in V-shape. All through the journey her mother was going on and on about how to behave well with her grandparents, how she should take care of herself, her pet and about her eating habits. Furious about not getting a reply from her, she raised her voice and said, “If you act like this, I better take you with us.” That statement brought Bailey back from the world she was dwelling in and immediately she replied, “I heard you, mom. You don’t need to worry about us. I am a big girl now. I will

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