Theodicy Vs Religion

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Apart from the mystery of the origin of life itself, there has been nothing more mysterious, more confusing, and more shocking than religion. The world is composed of people from various backgrounds and cultures, practicing different religious beliefs. Each culture has got its religious belief system and hence it’s own Supreme Being, to whom they place their absolute trust and faith in the Supreme Being. The only bottom-line similarity among all these religious beliefs is the concept of salvation. Everyone related salvation to something that they are eventually given a good deed that one does throughout his or her life on earth. The central question that usually arises out of religion and the existence of God is why evil still conquers if there is a Supreme Being that indeed cares for his creation. This is what in turn brings theodicy.
Theodicy is simply the aspect of trying or attempting to defend God amid the problems raised by evil. Livingston introduces it as, an explanation of the reality of evil. Theodicy was a term put forward by Leibniz, in an effort to explain some terms. First was that God is omnipresent and omnipotent. Secondly, that the universe itself, is the work of God, and is there so as to be in an alternate relationship with him. The third term is what raises issues since it's a question that, if God is indeed
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The world is bleeding; people are dying by thousands on a daily basis. Where is God to stop all this? As it can easily be noted, this is indeed the fundamental aspect of monotheism. The problem of the existence of evil and suffering while at the same time the existence of God, has been the main argument brought forward by atheists, who lecture that there are dependably a number occasions in which it is sensible for us to expect that something doesn't exist in the event that we have no confirmation of it
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