Theodicy and Ethics Within Islam

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Theodicy and Ethics within Islam Critically analyzing and reflecting upon the concept of Theodicy and Ethics, one may interpret these two concepts to have great influence upon the significance of Islam. The functions of these two concepts are to further broaden one 's understanding of Islam. Both concepts are essential to learning about the Islamic way of life. Moreover, in Islam theodicy and ethics serve as the basis of the problem of evil, right and wrong, the principle of taklif, practicing forgiveness, and many other doctrines. Muslims render the Qur 'an to be their foundation of morality. In this reflection paper, the problem of evil and the basis for moral action will be used to further supplement our perception of Islam.…show more content…
According to Islam, God has given us the choice of right and wrong and if Muslims follow the path of the Qur 'an, then they shall receive salvation. Additionally, God is omniscient but man still needs punishment for any evil acts. The problem of evil arises when free moral beings choose to do evil acts. We, as free beings, tend to abuse our rights of freedom and cause harm to others and ourselves. For the evil acts committed by man, there are great consequences. Suffering, above all, will be faced by God in order to challenge man to move freely toward moral perfection. Nonetheless, Allah forgives all those who accept responsibility for their actions; man is once again relieved of impurities. God is all merciful. Yes, one does wrong, but when one is truly sorry, Allah will forgive man, for Allah is just and benevolent. The concept of Ethics is however, not new to my understanding, but I think of this reflection to be one that will broaden my spectrum of moral action of world religions other than my own. The basis or foundation of moral action resides in the Qur 'an and Sunna. Moreover, the Qur 'an leads the way for developing a moral lifestyle in compliance with Allah. The Qur 'an shows man a passageway to reality, to a complete and forgiving world. Furthermore, the Qur 'an and the Sunna incorporate the fundamentals and ethics Muslims should fulfill. The Qur 'an serves as a basis,

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