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Theodore Bundy

One of the most famous killers of all time, Theodore Bundy vented his rage on women, mostly college girls, all the while maintaining the facade of a perfectly normal, intelligent, model citizen. His traveling ways, clever tactics, and thorough body disposal methods make it difficult to even say how many women Bundy killed during his reign, but he was definitely one of the most prolific and frightening serial killers of all time.

Bundy's rampage most likely began with Kathy Devine, 15, a hitchhiker who disappeared on November 25th,1973 and found on December 6th. She was sodomized, strangled, and her throat was cut. Lynda Ann Healy soon disappeared from her basement bedroom. In
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But Bundy's luck finally ran out on August 16th, 1975 when Bundy was spooked by and fled from a squad car around Salt Lake. Arrested for possession of burglary tools and released, it wasn't long before police noticed the similarities between Bundy and a man who had attempted to abduct Carol DeRonch previously. Bundy was son arrested for the attack, tried, and convicted.

It was fairly obvious at this point that Bundy was the man responsible for the killings in the north, and when he was transferred to the Garfield county Jail in Colorado to await trial for the murder of Caryn Campbell. To the embarrassment of the police, he escaped out a second-story law library window. Bundy took to the woods and eluded the law for a few days until he was recaptured only to escape again from the Garfield County Jail on December 30th, with much more drastic results. He made his way to Tallahassee, Florida and settled near the Florida St. campus. While in Florida, Bundy killed several more women, including a horrifying blitz-style attack in a sorority house on the Florida St. campus that killed two young women, and the abduction of Kimberly Ann Leach, 12, from her school. She was found about two months later in a nearby state park.

Leach would be the final victim. Bundy was arrested for the final time in Pensacola, Florida after struggling

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