Theodore Robert Bundy

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grandparents his birth parents but his biological mother was his sister. From an early age Ted felt as though he was living a lie. Not much is known as to how Bundy found out the truth of his birth but once he did Ted was constantly teased and ridiculed by this truth mostly by his cousins who would call him a bastard. Ted was devastated by the news and grew to have a distasteful view of his birth mother, resenting her for not telling him the truth. When you’re a kid, especially at that young of an age that’s just about the time when you're first forming and trying to figure out the world. Ted’s family as a whole was pretty dysfunctional, for example Samuel Cowell. Samuel, Ted’s grandfather was known as a gigantic bully and a tyrant. He…show more content…
Conflict soon aroused between Ted and his new stepfather quickly, they were never close Ted made it a habit to look down on him (YouTube, 2013). There was this huge amount of turmoil around Ted about his self-identity and who he was. In high school Ted was described as shy and suffered from a stuttering problem which made it easy for the other kids to pick on him. He was awkward with his fellow students, especially with the girls and failed at creating close relationships. Ted quickly began to believe that he was above the law and at the age of only 15 Ted began shoplifting and was suspected to have burglarized two homes. He showed signs of narcissistic tendencies, feeling as though he was entitled to things. There were also other instances where Ted would stand in front of his neighbor’s windows creepily looking in at what the young girls who lived there were doing. This shows that he doesn’t know the meaning of boundaries of personal space, I believe that his grandparents probably didn’t have the motivation to teach him the difference between right and
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