Theodore Robert Cowell Or Well Known As Infamous Serial

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Theodore Robert Cowell or well known as infamous serial killer Ted Bundy is one of the most notorious criminals of the 1970s. He has been connected to at least 36 murders, however he has been suspected to have committed one hundred or more. With all these murders comes the idea of why, where does it come from and where did it start, among many other questions. Which leads us to our purpose of this paper, exploring the mind of Ted Bundy. I hope to analyze Ted Bundy’s life and pick apart aspects of them that lead him down this criminal life. As stated Ted Bundy was born with name Theodore Robert Cowell. His mother, Eleanor Cowell, had Bundy when she was twenty-one years old and unmarried in a home for unwed mothers in Vermont. She…show more content…
However, he eventually got back together with Brooks, they were on the verge of marriage before Bundy had cut off the relationship completely. Then, in 1974, most sources say agree that it was the beginning of his murderous career. His first victim was beaten over the head with her bed frame while she slept and then sexual assaulted with the same object. He would go on to kill many more young women, escape from custody twice, and finally in February of 1978, Bundy was arrested and it marked the end of his murderous rampage. In his court trials, Bundy handled most of his court trials. Bundy had gone against the entire defense effort out of spite and distrust. He was facing murder charges, with a possible death sentence, and he was just concerned with being in charge. In addition, the prosecutors and defense team had reached a pre-trial bargain, in which, Bundy would plead guilty to several accounts of killings and in return he would receive a long sentencing but no electric chair. However, in doing so he was going to have to say he was guilty to everyone and it was just something he could not do. Ultimately, this all led to his death by the electrically chair in January 24, 1989. I believe this path that Bundy had taken all started with his child hood. It was clear that his mother deceiving him into believing that she was his sister and that his grandparents had adopted him had an impact on his life. As stated before, this made him

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