Theodore Roosevelt : A Visionary Leader

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Americans have become used to politicians who will not go against their party’s line. Instead of having numerous free thinking elected officials who come together to ensure the welfare of society, we have two parties that control almost everything. This was not how Theodore Roosevelt led our country. He was a visionary and ethical leader. This paper explains why by describing Theodore Roosevelt’s use of visionary leadership to protect America’s natural resources by being an emotionally flexible leader and using his inspirational motivation. Theodore Roosevelt was an Ethical Leader because he put service before self by resigning from the position of Assistant Secretary of the Navy to fight in the Spanish American War and was a free thinker who went against his party to protect the welfare of society. Theodore Roosevelt has personal relevance in my development as a leader by modeling service before self and allowing me to see how I can improve my inspirational motivation. In order to understand Theodore Roosevelt as a leader, you should first know the impact of his visionary leadership. Visionary Leader Theodore Roosevelt’s visionary leadership led to the preservation of our natural resources. Theodore Roosevelt loved nature and believed our natural resources were one of America’s greatest treasures. In his lifetime he had seen the slow erosion of these resources to urban development and industrialization. He knew he had to act quickly to protect these resources, but
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