Theodore Roosevelt And Progressive Reform

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Theodore Roosevelt and Progressive Reform, 1901- 1909
I. The United States at the Start of the Twentieth Century
A. Unfortunately, the previous President William McKinley was injured on September 6, 1901 at Buffalo, New York, which terminated his life.
1. Consequently, The vice president Theodore Roosevelt became the former President
2. The years that he was in office was called the “Progressive Era”
3. There was a large impact on the commercial system
4. Big businesses were regulated
5. Customers benefited from this since their conditions were revised
B. Citizens desired to have more power, to be able to choose a nominee, surpass decisions made by the law and suggest laws
C. The population of 1901 was 73 million
1. However, that was rapidly increasing due to immigration
2. By 1906 the population would increase to 1.1 million coming in
3. Most immigrants would settle on cities that were developing
4. Very few people lived in little towns and rural lands
5. Urban cities began to expand, whereas rural area were decreasing
II. A Longer Life Span
A. In the year of 1900 the lives of people was prolonging
1. In 1901 it was believed that white men lived up to only forty-seven and fifty-one for wome
2. That changed in 1920 when they were living up to fifty-four and women up to fifty-five
B. However, it was drastically different for minorities, in 1901 it went from thirty-four to forty-five in 1920
1. Minorities worked in really harsh conditions, therefore they were exposed to
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