Theodore Roosevelt And The Great Depression

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Each president from Theodore Roosevelt to Herbert Hoover faced his own unique set of situations during their tenure, ranging from railroad regulation to the Great Depression. Though each presidency required different solutions for which the public had to be shaped, through spin, in order to resolve a situation in a manner the president saw fit, some presidents such as William Howard Taft, and Warren G. Harding are not as well known for their use of spin. Due to the varying technological and communicative advancements like the introduction of press conferences and the invention of the radio; and the different events, such as World War I, and the Great Depression that resulted in the change in public perceptions of spin, the extent to which each president used spin changed because the circumstances under which each president had to preside over changed, so each president had to build their presidency off of their predecessor’s successes and failures. After rising to the presidency in the beginning of the Twentieth century, Theodore Roosevelt became the first American president to devote his presidency to galvanizing public opinion. When Roosevelt took office, he did not have the benefit of being able to utilize his successors’ tools such as speechwriters utilized by Warren G. Harding and Calvin Coolidge, or press secretaries utilized by Herbert Hoover. Instead, Roosevelt shaped his image and the public by creating and utilizing new methods of spin, such as “touring widely,

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