Theodore Roosevelt And The Roosevelt Center

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Theodore Roosevelt during his life would spend time in North Dakota to hunt buffalo and settled in a ranch there for some years as he found a renowned interest in the area he called his “second home”. In 2005, Dickinson State University (DSU) began to explore the legacy of the 26th President as a tribute to his historical legacy and admiration to the territory that the university resides today. As a result the Theodore Roosevelt Center was founded in 2007 at the university. In essence the Theodore Roosevelt Center was founded to manage Roosevelt’s archives as like many prior presidents, he did not have an established presidential library. Many of his papers were scattered in archives around the country including the Library of Congress, Harvard University, six national parks, and in smaller collections at numerous other repositories. In 2008, DSU began a partnership with the Library of Congress to digitize the Library’s vast holdings related to Theodore Roosevelt, with the intent to make them freely available online. Its broad audience scope is to attract everyone from scholars and schoolchildren, enthusiasts and interested citizens and to provide well organized high quality reference material to enthusiastic seekers of our 16th president. The physical library is expected to open in 2019 but is available online.
Recognizing the significance of the contributions being made by Dickinson State University in preserving and promoting Roosevelt’s legacy, in the spring of 2013 the
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