Theodore Roosevelt And The United States

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Theodore Roosevelt, kenned as "Teddy" or "T.R." was born in New York City, NY on October 27, 1858. From birth until his tardy teens, Roosevelt suffered greatly from asthma, was frail and sickly, and was near-sighted, which coerced him to wear glasses. His father took him for rides in the night to avail him breathe with fresh air and inspirited him to build up his body with strenuous exercises and sports in efforts to build his body and mind. In 1876, Roosevelt was accepted to Harvard College. After graduating, he decided to enter politics and in 1881, at the age of 23, he won election to the first of three terms in the Incipient York State Assembly as a Republican. In 1889, Roosevelt was appointed to the U.S. Civil Accommodation Commission and then in 1895 appointed to the post of N.Y. City Police Commissioner. As Police Commissioner, he modernized the entire police force and monitored the officers suspected of illicit activites. In 1897, Roosevelt became the Assistant Secretary of the Navy, where he commenced to genuinely show his aggressiveness. As the Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Roosevelt coerced the U.S. to build up the Navy fleet to dispense Spainish control from the Western Hemisphere (Cuba and Puerto Rico). In 1898, The U.S. declared war on Spain in the Spanish American War. Roosevelt resigned as Assistant Secretary of the Navy and organized the first u.s. Calvary, kenned as the "Roughg Riders". Roosevelt commanded the regiment in Cuba, and on July 1, 1898
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