Theodore Roosevelt Essay

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Theodore Roosevelt Theodore Roosevelt was fond of quoting an old African proverb that admonished people to "speak softly and carry a big stick." Ironically, it was his thunderous voice that made him president, earned him enemies and brought him friends. That voice also made him the bulwark of the Progressive Movement. On October 27, 1858, Roosevelt was born on East Twentieth Street in New York City to Martha Bulloch, who he described as a "sweet gracious, beautiful Southern Woman" and Theodore Roosevelt Sr., who he wrote was "the best man I ever knew." Roosevelt was born into wealth, with his father a henchman of the family firm, Roosevelt & Son. Roosevelt’s grandfather, Cornelius Van Schaack Roosevelt, had earlier redesigned…show more content…
After that conversation, Roosevelt "fully intended to make science my life work." He had not considered becoming a politician. Rather, he was hard at work on a book he would later publish on the War of 1812. As time progressed, Roosevelt became bored with laboratory science. When he left Harvard, he studied law "but the law books … seemed to me to be against justice." Almost immediately, Roosevelt became interested in politics. He joined the Republican Party in 1880 when the party was treated like a "private corporation." Roosevelt had to muster his strength to "break into the organization." And break into the party he did. He was elected as the youngest legislator in fall of 1881 and reelected the next two years. Roosevelt would write, "three years’ experience convinced me, in the first place, that there were a great many thoroughly corrupt men in the Legislature, perhaps a third of the whole number." He also was angered by the courts and would write, "I grew to realize that all that Abraham Lincoln had said about the Dred Scott decision could be said with equal truth and justice about the numerous decisions which in our own day were erected as bars across the path of social reform, and which brought to naught so much of the
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