Theodore Roosevelt Essay

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During the early 1900’s the president of the United States of America was a man called Theodore Roosevelt. Although he began his term as president with the death of President McKinley, his period in the White House turned out to be one of the most progressive periods in American history. His progressive policies influenced the direction that the country would take in the twentieth century. In the following paper I will explain several of Theodore Roosevelt’s progressive polices. Specifically I will deal with his labor policies and his new nationalism policy. My thesis will be that these policies had a genuinely positive effect on America as a whole nation.
Theodore Roosevelt
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Roosevelt said he didn’t want to use the government to ruin private firms, but rather to strengthen the economy of the nation. In 1904 the Supreme Court upheld the government’s case and dissolved the Northern Securities company. During the rest of Roosevelt’s Presidency the government would file suits against 43 other corporations.
Roosevelt not only wanted the government to help small businesses, but also to be a helping hand to the labor class. In May 1902, about 140,000 coal workers in Pennsylvania went on strike. The workers were striking for better wages and healthier working conditions. As talks between owners and workers dragged on coal supplies throughout the country began to dwindle. Finally Roosevelt stepped in and suggested the owners and the workers settle their differences through a government-monitored arbitration. The miners agreed, but the owners refused and Roosevelt threatened to use the army if necessary to settle the strike. With the threat of military involvement the owners agreed to talk but not to Roosevelt. J.P. Morgan agreed to arbitrate the talks and an agreement was finally reached in favor of the miners. As a result of this crisis the government set up the department of commerce and labor. Roosevelt also gave the nation its first national dilemma settled by government involved arbitration. He was very proud of the decision because he felt it
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