Theodore Roosevelt Essay

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Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt was a strong leader and ruled with an iron fist as a president. He conquered the frontier and went on to conquer other countries as well. Roosevelt was a born leader. During his childhood he overcame his sickness by exercising and participating in outdoor activities. After Theodore graduated from Harvard he went straight into politics. He began his career as the president of the New York Board of Police Commissioners. Later Roosevelt continued his career as an assistant secretary of the navy in Washington. He then became a Rough Rider during the Spanish-American War. Roosevelt then returned home and became the Governor of New York and Vice President of the United States in 1900. In 1901 he became
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He also wanted to require American military around the world. Roosevelt also thought that the Protestants Anglo-American culture should be spread to other countries.

"Speak softly and carry a big stick, you will go far"#. This is how Theodore Roosevelt summed up his views. Roosevelt wanted to build a canal across the Isthmus of Panama. His attempt to lease the ground was unsuccessful though so he created a new strategy. Roosevelt wanted to take over Panama. For only ten-million dollars, it happened, on November 3, 1903. The canal gave the United States a huge commercial and strategic advantage. Though this was a good effect for the United States, there still was a negative effect. The newly exposed areas needed to be policed. “Proper policing of the world”# was called for by Roosevelt. His main concern was that Europe might try to take it if the United States did not. To stop this proclaimed which came to be known as the Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine. "Chronic wrongdoing, or an importance which results in a general loosening of the ties of civilized society, the exercise of an international police power"# is what the Document said. This was also used to justify armed intervention in the internal affairs of Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Mexico.

Theodore was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1906. This is because he mediated a settlement of the Russia-Japanese War at Portsmouth, New Hampshire in 1905. In 1908 Roosevelt sent battleships to visit
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