Theodore Roosevelt Essay

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Theodore Roosevelt
     “Roosevelt was among the best-liked Presidents and, in many respects, the most interesting” (World Book 149). Theodore Roosevelt did many things, some in which impacted America.
     Theodore Roosevelt was born on October 27, 1858 in New York City, making him the only president born there (Lamb 152). As a child Roosevelt was always very sick and frail, and had bad asthma (Kent 13). Despite this he never got tired of playing with his friends and inventing new games to play. Since he was always sick, a nanny tutored Roosevelt until he was old enough to attend college (Kent 14). When Roosevelt turned ten, his father had told him, “Theodore, you have the mind but you
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In 1885, Roosevelt worked out of grief in the Dakota Territory on a cattle ranch that he bought along the Little Missouri River (World Book 148). While he was at the ranch he learned things like how to heard cattle, organize a roundup, and how to run a ranch (World Book 148). He stopped ranching after three-fourths of his herd died in the winter of 1886-1887 (World Book 148-9). Roosevelt was also a very important policeman before he became president. As a New York City police commissioner in the 1890’s he battled corruption in the department (World Book 149). He would personally patrol the streets at night by checking on police performance and law enforcement (World Book 149).
     In 1897, William McKinley made him assistant secretary of the navy, and he supported McKinley on almost everything except his attempts to avoid war (World Book 149). After the navy Roosevelt volunteered for the army in 1898 at the beginning of the Spanish-American war (Lamb 154). Roosevelt was very active in this war. His regiment was called “Roosevelt’s Rough Riders” (The Saturday Evening Post 90). The Rough Riders were the only ones that were active in this war, and they did most of the fighting and traveling on foot (Lamb 154). He got out of the army when he was elected governor of New York.
     Roosevelt also did some political things before he was a president. Roosevelt served in the New York state assembly, and he was a governor of

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