Theodore Roosevelt: Political Decisions And Social Issues

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Political actions and decisions and social issues The Roosevelt name itself, which immediately associated FDR with his remote cousin, President Theodore Roosevelt. This allowed Franklin to be more recognized and have a better influence being related to one of the greatest presidents in U.S history. FDR's actions to fight the effects of the depression in his own state strengthened his place as one of the leading Democratic contenders. Under the guidance of his political advisers James Farley and Louis Howe, FDR gathered support from Democrats around the country, especially in the West and the South. Roosevelt consulted a group of college professors, called the "Brains Trust" for policy advice. The Democratic party was split on two key…show more content…
His opponent, President Herbert Hoover, was so unpopular that FDR's main strategy was to not to make any mistakes that might take the people's attention away from Hoover's inability to lead and fix the nations problems. FDR traveled the country attacking Hoover, but without saying any specific programs or policies. Roosevelt was so friendly and cheerful—and his solutions for the country so calm—that some people questioned his capabilities and his understanding of how serious the challenges confronting the United States were. FDR told Americans that they would only be able to overcome the economic problems if the worked together, a big difference to Hoover's American individualism in the face of the depression. In a speech in San Francisco, FDR outlined the job of the federal government in saving the American people from the great depression if he was elected as president. In easing the burden of the suffering, and in bringing back the American dream. The outcome of the 1932 presidential contest between Roosevelt and Hoover was quite certain. Americans voted the fifty-year-old FDR into office in a landslide, in the popular and electoral college votes. Voters also gave their approval of FDR to his party, giving Democrats majorities in both houses of Congress. These majorities would
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