Theodore Roosevelt : The Great Impact On The United States

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Hailey Nguyen Biography of Theodore Roosevelt Period 5 would be Theodore Roosevelt was a president, father, hunter, author, and war hero. He played all these roles utilizing his hard work, integrity, and optimism that drove him to transform America. Theodore, nicknamed Teddy, made one of the greatest impacts on the United States by taking actions to reform the way people lived and ensure a successful future for the country. Teddy solved problems, and today’s problems, like global warming, is something that Teddy could solve based on his life experience and familiarity with similar situations. Teddy was born on October 27, 1868 in New York City. Teddy’s mother was Martha Stewart Bulloch. Teddy’s father was Theodore Roosevelt Sr. Teddy’s family was rich because of his father’s successful glass-plate import business. Teddy and his siblings, Anna, Elliott and Corinne, were educated by private tutors. Teddy was smart and loved books and nature. Although Teddy loved the outdoors, he had asthma, stomachaches, and headaches which could not be treated. When Teddy entered his teens, he exercised, taking on boxing and weightlifting to eradicate his health obstacles. Teddy wanted to be a naturalist and entered Harvard University in 1876. In 1818, Teddy met Alice Hathaway Lee. Alice disliked Teddy’s study of science. Teddy decided to please Alice and honor his father so he decided to become a politician to make the world a better place. Teddy graduated from Harvard and married
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