Theodore Roosevelt and Meat Inspection Act Essay

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Progressive Era Questions 1. The progressive movement is considered by some the origin of which social/political ideology? Liberalism 2. Progressives believed that government should protect the people and promote the social welfare of people through which means? Legislation 3. It was an important social issue concerning equality that the Progressives advocated? Women’s Suffrage 4. List five issues that defined the Progressive Movement: a. Women’s Suffrage b. Rate Control on Utilities c. Prohibition d. End Child labor e. Immigration restrictions f. Americanization of immigrants g. Political Reform/Stop political machines…show more content…
Tweed 27. Why were advocates angered by child labor, especially in those industries pictured? Danger of injury or death 28. Who was a “muckraker” that advocated for trade unions? Ray Stanndard Baker 29. The reforms that the “muchrakers” demanded begun to be addressed in which level of government first? Local 30. List the three basic reasons for the development of corruption in the municipal governments a. Cities grew too fast for the municipal governments to provide adequate services b. Many of the immigrants lacked the knowledge or tradition of democracy c. Business leaders were tied to the political bosses 31. What form of municipal government did the National Municipal League demand? Council/Mayor 32. List three municipal services that were frequently controlled by dishonest businesses. a. Sewer b. Water c. Electricity d. Gas e. Public transportation 33. What natural disaster struck the city of Galveston in1900? Hurricane 34. What was the type of municipal form of government that was direct result of the Galveston disaster in 1900? Commission Plan 35. Explain Wisconsin Gov. LaFollette’s “Wisconsin Idea”. The was the use of professors from the University of Wisconsin --to draft bills and administer the state regulatory apparatus created by the new law; railroad reform looked at, direct primaries,
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