Theodore Roosevelt and the Progressive Party Essay

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During the turn of 19th century and the beginning of 20th century, Americans were going through a rapidly growing industries and corporations, corruption in the political system, and disorder in the structure of the country. It led to the reform of movement which ultimately led to the creation of a third party called the Progressive Party. It was also known as the “Bull Moose Party.” Some of the programs and policies that are still in existence today were created by The Progressive Party who reached their peak during the 1912 Presidential election (Milkis, p. 30). Theodore Roosevelt had become the President after William McKinley was assassinated; he became the youngest President at the age 42. As a President, he attempted to move the…show more content…
To fight off his poor physical conditions, Roosevelt’s father suggested him to take up exercising. He started boxing lessons. Upon graduating, he was advised by doctor to take up a desk job instead of strenuous activities; on the contrary, he ignored the doctor’s advice and continued the strenuous activities. After graduating from Harvard, he entered into the Columbia Law School (Howland, p. 8). While attending the law school, he was offered a chance to run for New York, Assemblyman in 1881; moreover, he took that chance and dropped out of college. This was the beginning of his magnificent political career. Theodore Roosevelt had held many high level positions in political office, as well as leading men during the Spanish-American War in Cuba. As a New York State Assemblyman, Roosevelt wrote more bills than any of his predecessors. He had become a major political figure in state politics. With the help of his friend, Senator Henry Cabot Lodge of Massachusetts, Roosevelt was appointed as the Assistant Secretary of the Navy by President William McKinley (Howland, p. 58). When the war was declared, Roosevelt resigned from the Navy Department and assembled a Regiment of cowboys that was led by him during the war. They were called the “Rough Riders” (Roosevelt, p. 167). After returning from the war, Roosevelt was elected as the governor of New York. He spent majority of his time in the office cleaning up the corruption and “machine

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