Theodore Roosevelt 's Legacy Of The National Park System And The Preservation Of Many Natural Wonders That

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Being the President of the United States is an enormous task; wisdom, courage, and honesty are just a few of the numerous traits that a successful president must possess. Slews of challenges are inevitable as the Commander in Chief, and the position is not one for the faint of heart or weak of resolve. Some presidents fall through the cracks of history as irrelevant leaders, while others become infamous through corruption and scandal. Only a select few are considered great by the citizens they ruled. Theodore Roosevelt is one of those outstanding presidents. He possessed an unshakable resolve, even as a young boy. His bravery made him a war hero and a force to be reckoned with. His environmental concerns led to the creation of the…show more content…
He wrote multiple books concerning his experience and transformation from a weak, pale Easterner into a hardened cowboy worthy of respect and admiration. Whether he was standing up to armed bullies, challenging men who threatened him, or chasing thieves for miles, Teddy was determined to accomplish his goals and not be taken as a weak man. After three years of frequent visitation to the West, Teddy returned east to stay. He enjoyed a position in the US Civil Service Commission under President Benjamin Harrison as well as Grover Cleveland, both of whom were impressed with his work in the department. He then went on to become one of New York City 's Police Commissioners, eventually reforming the department to make himself the sole Commissioner. But in 1898, the United States entered war with Spain, creating a need for troops and regiments. Teddy decided that he wanted to fight , and created a regiment known as the Rough Riders. Despite protest from friends and family, Roosevelt was determined to see combat. He got his chance on July 1, 1898, at the Battle of Kettle Hill in Cuba. He bravely led the Rough Riders on a charge of the hill, selflessly risking his life as he

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