Theodore Roosevelt 's Views On The Black Man

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Theodore Roosevelt is many things; a soldier, nature lover, politician, and author.After watching the videos on Theodore Roosevelt, I found it intriguing on how he was one of the only few presidents to have ever received the Medal of Honor and the Nobel Prize during his lifetime. During which, he had written 35 books and was able to communicate in 6 different languages. Even for a multi-linguist like myself, having the ability to communicate and to maintain the level of knowledge and comprehension needed to be able to speak in those languages fluently gives me a clear picture on Theodore Roosevelt 's capacity as a person. Many viewed him as an Imperialist during his time in office. Since the assassination of President McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt felt the need for a great leader in America. Pushed to become a Vice President by fate, granting him limited power-- it seems that Theodore Roosevelt was pushed again to take up the presidency. Theodore Roosevelt 's views on the black man were quite progressive to some extent, I find it interesting how he considered that African-Americans be segregated, but that they would be treated equally. Compared to the South where slavery is law, the North saw that the segregation of the black man was beneficial to society as it made everyone more cooperative with each other. Theodore Roosevelt had once invited Booker T. Washington-- the most popular and most respected African-American in America -- for dinner. This had spurred quite a number
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