Essay about Theodore Roosevelt's Square Deal

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Theodore Roosevelt's Square Deal Theodore Roosevelt may be one of the most powerful presidents that attacked Trusts1 and corporations to make them just so that everyone could prosper. Thayer, a friend of Roosevelt wrote, ". . .he took the deepest personal satisfaction in fighting the rich and the soulless corporations. . ." (Thayer). This led into the 1920's a prosperous decade in which people received "new money." Theodore Roosevelt stressed more for people to be responsible than to be autonomous, or, in other words, to help others besides helping yourself. He was able to bring two separate groups together to make a better America. He brought the Trusts that wanted the government to stay away and then the other side…show more content…
"Bigness not badness was the sin" (Miller). The biggest step that Roosevelt did using the Sherman Act was stopping the Northern Securities Company from having a monopoly on the railroad industry in the North. The Great Northern railroad company wanted to merge with the Northern Pacific railroad company. Even though this was a part of the railroad industry Roosevelt did not like where the merge might lead in the future, because he wanted to insure that other corporations could compete. He also broke up the Standard Oil Trust and the Tobacco Trust. He felt that they were getting too large and smaller companies had no where to go. In seven and a half years Theodore Roosevelt had 44 prosecutions using the Sherman Act (Howland). After using the Sherman Act, Roosevelt started using new legislature to conquer the Trusts and make labor conditions more tolerable. The first department that he made to conquer Trusts was the Federal Department of Commerce and Labor. The Commerce Department could not break down the Trusts, but they could make working conditions better for all workers, and also set rates so the corporations could not over charge. The Commerce department set a maximum rate for the railroad companies in which they could charge companies. This way, the companies tnies could not survive and compete. Also, the
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