Theologians Views on Revelations

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Theologians Views on Revelations
When one thinks of revelations, most people think of the last book of the Bible. This is not what we are talking about in this precise study. We are talking about how God reveals himself to us. It is clear that God reveals himself through many means, all of which contribute to our knowledge of God God reveals himself to me through many different ways. My church, my fellow Christian friends and of course, the Holy Bible. The Bible is the second best thing that he gave us, next to Jesus Christ. This is a handbook for our life. If we do what it says, we will live our life eternally in heaven with him. That will be our reward. He wants us to read the scripture. When we do so we feel his presence, through the Holy Spirit. “However, we must distinguish between Scripture, as the unique source of revelation, the fons unicum, and other sources as subordinate to Scripture. Reminding us of the special role that Scripture plays, Spykman says, “Given the reality of our radical fall into sin, there is only one noetic point of departure, the Bible.” Likewise, Warfield says, “the superior lucidity of this revelation makes it the norm of interpretation for what is revealed so much more darkly through the other methods of manifestation.”(Shepherd, nd) Several past theologians believe that God reveals himself through us by scripture. These are:
• John Calvin (1509-64) wrote a book called The Institutes. He basically states that we can know
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