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Theological Self Jesus called his followers to worship God "in spirit and in truth", later adding, "you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free". But what sort of God are we to worship and how do we know we are worshiping "in spirit and in truth"? If the truth will set us free, then it seems quite reasonable to want to determine what truth, specifically, will set us free. This is where theology can help us a great deal. Far from being an area of study reserved only for academics or the clergy, theology is important to every Christian. In short, theology is the study of God, encompassing concepts such as His nature, the nature of reality, the human condition, the person of Christ and more. But our study of theology must extend…show more content…
Instead, they tend to bring up a distaste for the "establishment" of "organized religion" and the seeming rule of some elite faction over the masses. This, however, is far from what true theology is supposed to do.

Often we perceive doctrine as "irrelevant, impractical, divisive, unspiritual and unknowable." But is this really the case? It 's true that sometimes doctrine and theology come across this way. However, the abuse and misuse of theology and doctrine does not mean that the proper and positive uses of it are to be ignored. Theology, in fact, is extremely relevant, practical, uniting, spiritual and knowable. Through it we learn truths about God, His Son, our individual and collective human predicament, the nature of salvation and much more. Understood properly, theology equips us with the tools we need to cope with every aspect of life. For example, we may not think of prayer as theology, but the foundation of prayer is theology. We pray because we know a loving and personal God exists and hears us. This is not a distant, indifferent God, but the all-powerful God of the universe who is active in His creation, wanting the best for us. "The world is charged with the grandeur of God." Theology, then, is both practical and relevant. It is practical in that it should influence our lives on a very real and daily level. But it is also relevant in that it applies to every aspect of life, not just nitpicking points of
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