Theological Response Paper: Addicted To Hurry. Hurry Hurts.

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Theological Response Paper: Addicted to Hurry Hurry hurts. It is one of my biggest challenges in ministry. I want to hurry through everything so that I can get more stuff done. Some days I rush from one place to another. It has escalated to the point that I cannot be still. On my off days, I find myself rushing through things, speeding down the highway, and being quick to move from place to the next. It is a problem because hurry sneaks up on you. As I turn over to hit the alarm clock in the morning, the various work and personal tasks on my agenda are already floating around nagging me and eventually poke at me until I skip my prayer time to go half-heartedly tackle one of my projects. Hurry reduces my quality of work, hurts my prayer…show more content…
As I learn to control these things, the quality of my work will increase. Prayer is the part of the Christian’s connection to the Kingdom of God in the current world. Prayer keeps us centered in Christ. In College, I remember what felt like an absence of God’s presence some days. I knew he was there, but I did not always feel like I was a part of the Kingdom. Some days, I just felt empty. I started running and praying in the mornings before class and the sense of emptiness went away. If I could just spend thirty minutes centering my mind on Christ, it completely changed the way I thought, felt, and acted each day. I think prayer connects us to God, but I think it also connects us to the Image of God inside ourselves. We cannot realize who we are without talking and listening to the one whose fingers knitted our inner-most being together. God is ever-present, but we have to carve out that time to cast a listening ear. Hurry comes again as the culprit though. He waits at the door beckoning us to thrust ourselves into each new day. Perhaps, the enemy is friend of this thing we call hurry. The tasks that I have spinning in my head become to heavy to let sit some days and I run out the door without listening to God. These days, despite skipping my prayer time, I never seem to get as much work done. It’s almost as if the Spirit is waiting for my to acknowledge that I need it to get through the day. These are also the days I become

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