Theology: Reflective Paper

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As Christians we are identified by a number of terms: Child of God, Person of Faith, Believer or Follower of Christ just to name a few but what if we were identified by our spiritual maturity rather than in general terms? Would we be more diligent in our spiritual growth and more solid in our foundation of faith if it were part of our identification as followers of Christ? How many of us, myself included, would truthfully be called Prayer Warrior, Evangelist (a preacher of the gospel), Disciple (students of Jesus), Man/Woman after God’s own heart or even Faithful Servant? The foundation of Christian maturity must be solid and established on the true doctrine which begins with understanding “The Gospel” and on Prayer, from
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Dr. Tim Keller wrote in his article Prayer and the Gospel: “One of the most basic things that the gospel does is change prayer from mere petition to fellowship… Galatians 4:6-7 teaches us that when we believe the gospel, we not only become God 's children legally, but we receive the Spirit in order to experience our sonship. The Spirit leads us to call out passionately to God as our tender and loving Father. In the very next verse Paul refers to this experience as "knowing God" (4:8). We do not just know and believe that God is holy and loving, but we actually experience contact with his holiness and his love in personal communion with him.” Dr. Towns also references John 16:24 (ESV) “Until now you have asked nothing in my name. Ask, and you will receive, that your joy may be full.” We now can come face to face with God through Jesus Christ.
Practical Application
Billy Graham was being interviewed a few years ago and he was asked if he could go back and do anything different what would it be? He replied, “I would have prayed more”. I sat there and thought to myself if Billy Graham didn’t think he prayed enough in his life, Wow where am I on the prayer scale? Sometimes we see prayer as a “requirement” or we use it as a help line which are not wrong just
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