Theology and Theologians: Differences and Similarities

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This can be a divine mystery and an endeavor which requires much courage as there's an inherent bond between the question and answer. Tillich is a thinker who depends on the connections between ontology and these existential questions of human existence. Examining the relationship between Tillich and process theology is a fascinating endeavor. "Process Theology departs from traditional Christian beliefs mainly because of its view of the HYPERLINK "" o "Nature" nature of HYPERLINK "" o "God" God and His relationship to the universe. Many critics relate this deviance to the low view of Scripture held by Process Theologians who by and large deny the HYPERLINK "" o "Inspiration" divine inspiration of the HYPERLINK "" o "Bible" Bible" ( Others still see process theology as a form of panentheism which dictates that view God's relationship to the world, as akin to the soul's relationship to the body (
When it comes to Tillich's amount of overlaps with the process theologians, there are many areas of overlap. "First, both criticize their…
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