Theoretical And Conceptual Of Computer Science

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Analyze Research in Theoretical and Conceptual Knowledge in Computer Science
Computer Science is not just the study of computer software and computational problems. It comprises the investigation of imitation and natural manifestations. The fundamental studies in this field are: computer system, artificial intelligence, data base system, programming languages, networks, software engineering, human computer interaction, graphs, and bioinformatics and computing theories. Even though, computer programming is a principal part of computer science, it is only one piece of the puzzle. Some of the challenges these scientists face are controlling on how and what type of issues that can be solved with algorithms and other complex mathematical equations, from designing a “wide range of life science applications that need to be addressed, ranging from classical bioinformatics to mathematical models of systems physiology” (Cannataro, Weber dos Santos, & Sundnes, 2010 p. 931), In both of these areas scientific fields are required to maintain governmental and state security regulations and measures. One cannot stress enough how much computer science has become an essential part of life sciences. With the use of computer science computer tools, people who years ago did not have a cure for their diseases, organ transplants, or disability, now are living longer today than they did over 5 or 6 decades ago. This paper analyzes three research papers on past and current issues that are
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