Theoretical Approach to Management

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Section 1: theoretical approach to management Principle 1: Business processes must support business needs: All the processes within an organization should be planned and carried out in a way that they would not only support the strategies but the business vision as well. In case that the processes aren't planned in a manner that they would support the goals of the firm they can not only reduce the productivity of the firm but can also face the risk of being terminated (Carr, 1996; Gouillart, 1995; Gareth, 2006). Principle 2: Stag an organization with people that can successfully support and execute the business processes: The support and help of the manager in so very important as far as the organization levels are concerned and it should be available at every level in the organizational structure for the success of the company (Carr, 1996; Gouillart, 1995; ). The reason behind this point is that the managers have this position in the organization that they can motivate and inspire the general staff and they have many different mechanisms and they can also make their staff to accept the change and also to adapt is without any hassle and problems (Carr, 1996; Gouillart, 1995; Gareth, 2006). In addition to this the personnel that are directly and most probably affected by the change should and does exhibit many different or several traits and skills that allow them to efficiently and effectively adapt to the change (Carr, 1996; Gouillart, 1995; Gareth, 2006). A few
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