Theoretical Behavior In High School-Personal Narrative

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“…so then the error code came on, and here we are.” I finished. I expected Aidan to say something helpful and [productive. Instead he burst out laughing. “Hey!” I elbowed him. “This is serious.” “I’m sorry,” he giggled. “You’ve played some pretty good pranks on me before, but this is too far. I’m never going to fall for it, sorry.” I scowled. I guess, now that I thought of it, it did seem pretty preposterous if you weren’t the one who had seen it with your own eyes. So, I decided that I would just have to prove it another way.” “That’s it then,” I said. “I’m going down to Professor Gorilla’s lab. If the school’s electronic teacher doesn’t know what this is all about, then no one will.” I sat up from the floor, and marched down to the hallway that would lead us to Professor…show more content…
Professor Gorilla’s class was everyone’s favorite. That probably had something to do with the fact that BI’s were allowed to be turned on, and there were no rules about gadgets. Come to think of it, it was probably the least productive class as well. The elevator ride took only a couple seconds, and then the doors swooshed open to a dark room and a rush of cold air. There was the smell of must, and something that smelled industrial like gasoline. I could tell we were in a huge space. Aidan and I hesitantly stepped out. Sure we had taken the “Preparing for your BI” class and we had taken all sorts of classes about how to use tablets, but those were all in a classroom. We had never actually been down there. In fact, the general rule from teachers and students who had gone down there was, don’t. I could see why. “Hello?” I called. As if that would help anything. If anything it made it worse, since I could hear my voice echoing around like doppelgangers from another dimension calling my name. Then again, I was still thinking about our lesson about metaphors and
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