Essay about Theoretical Benefits of No Child Left Behind Law

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Theoretical Benefits of No Child Left Behind Law President Bush signed the No Child Left Behind bill in January of 2002 calling for the country to change the mode of production of children through the educational system. With any major change in any large institution of society, there are going to be advantages and disadvantages. It is important in judging any change by looking at the overall good and bad that is taking place from the change. So as No Child Left Behind is reviewed, it is important to take a look at the motives and ideals placed within the legislation, but to also consider the drawbacks. Title I, Part A, headlined "Closing the Achievement Gap for Disadvantaged Students," shows that America has am emphasis on true…show more content…
And while there is merit to this argument, they are misguided because, on the contrary, Title I states that "Schools and districts that have no made adequate yearly progress for one academic year will be identified by the district or state as needing improvement. Immediately after identification, these school will receive assistance to improve performance" (Bush 2002). And this is another mark of genius in the NCLB theory. That there exists an opportunity for the 8000 schools that are considered "in need of improvement" by their states ( 2002) or the 90% of schools in Tennessee and Texas according to the original formulation of the White House's determination of a `failing school' (Bracey 2003) to receive federal assistance. Of course this puts the school in quite a situation because if they don't show improvement after they receive funds, they will be put in situation where they have to give students the opportunity to switch to a higher performing school or receive supplemental educational services (Bush 2002). This process is justified in the Executive Summary of the NCLB law, the writers point out the `fundamental notion' that "an enterprise works best when responsibility is placed closest to the most important activity of the

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