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Running Head: EXAMINING NURSING: A PERSONAL FRAMEWORK Examining Nursing: A Personal Framework Cortney Airhart The University of Texas at Arlington School of Nursing In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements of N5327 Analysis of Theories in Nursing Ronda Mintz-Binder, DNP, RN March 27, 2012 Examining Nursing Practice: A Personal Framework After graduating nursing school in 2008, I started working as an Operating Room nurse (OR) at a level one trauma center, which specializes in neurosurgery. I now scrub and circulate neurology, urology, ENT (ear, nose and throat), and plastic surgeries. I am also a charge nurse and in charge of orienting new nurses and graduate nurses. The OR is fast paced and challenging.…show more content…
I believe nurses learn both my observation and experience. As a preceptor, I do not throw a nurse to the sharks. If the nurse has never done something before, I let the new nurse observe me and explain each step as I do it. The next time a similar situation appears, I ask the new nurse to do it his/herself. If I see a variation in how I did the same task and it does not harm the patient; I feel the nurse has established their own way of doing things and is feeling more comfortable in that particular task. If the situation presents itself, I ask the new nurse to teach another nurse how to perform the task. I also explain to my nurses that the textbook shows you the perfect world, but in real life we never get quite that scenario. I explain we have to alter our actions to perform interventions and do what is best for the patient. An example, I often share, is that in an ideal world, when inserting a tracheostomy tube, we have a prepped sterile field. However, there are times the airway is needed in such a hurry; we have to think about providing an airway first and dealing with the infection later. The principle of beneficence requires the nurse to help others, and historically, the belief held in public health, is a failure to benefit others when in a position to help violates both professional and social duties (Haddad, 1987). In my emerging theory
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