Theoretical Framework Lectures

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Theoretical frame work lectures 5,7,8 Interpersonal skills what is it Interpersonal skills involve the ability to get along with others. This involves seeing others as real people that are worthy of respect, able to empathize for others, respect others, able to defuse conflicts and negotiate with others,a nd understand the perspective of the other. Someone with excellent social skills is invariably able to tune in to his own emotions in order to understand himself and better able to understand the other. He is also able to resolve conflict, win the trust and confidence of the other, and able to communicate more effectively. Interpersonal skills, therefore, are heavily grounded on Emotional Intelligence. Emotional intelligence (EI) is very different from the framework of intellectual intelligence (IQ), but just as important in a different way. In fact, social intelligence may be another term , if not at least a component of emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills are, inherently, important in very aspect of life form enabling a person to grow in areas of personal success to genrating his growth in vocational progress. Interpersonal skills inherent consist of being aware of and accepting one's emotions, knowing how to work with them, and how to manage them in others, so that one not only effectively manages one's own emotions but works as an effective team player with others. In fact, all of these components are inherent in Gibb's model (the regurgitating
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