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Ice Cream Store Ordering and Billing System
With Inventory Management

A Project
Presented to
The Faculty of STI College Shaw

In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirements for the Degree of
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science


Abstract Ice Cream store located at barangay San Nicolas Pasig City is currently using manual operation particularly in ordering, billing and inventory management that caused the day to day operation more complicated that caused problem. The proponents decided to develop a Computerized Ordering and Billing System with Inventory Management for the said company. This system will help the company to enhance their daily transaction particularly in ordering and inventory.
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The customer first go to the counter and ask for their order if is available, then the cashier rights down the customer’s order on the log book, then the payment of the said item will be manually written down by the cashier. The cashier will also use calculator to get the correct change of the customer if needed. The work of the cashier on how to get the order and the way they wrote down the items that is being sold may be inaccurate in some point or it will take some time to do their task efficiently. The items that will be stock in the morning for the whole day sale will be tallied and input in the log book and by night the inventory is being done right after the store closes. There’s is also a possibility that the employee conducting the inventory may miscount the product that has been tallied in the morning.
1.3 Objective of the Study To develop a computerize Ordering and billing system with inventory management for Ice Cream Store that will make their work much efficient and less time consuming. The system will be a user friendly for those employees that will make their work accurate in terms of ordering, billing & inventory management, plus it can lessen the work done by the employee of the store. And for future references the store can use the information being stored on their data base to monitor their annual income.
1.3.1 General Objective This system will focus on the development of the ordering and billing
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