Theoretical Framework in Nursing Process - Interaction Theories

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Theoretical Framework for Nursing Practice – Module 6 A. Compare and contrast two of the models or theories presented in this chapter considering their usefulness in practice, research, education and administration. For the purposes of this discussion, I have selected King’s Theory of Goal Attainment and Peplau’s Theory of Interpersonal Relations. On a broad perspective, both theories aim at explaining the interaction processes that happen between a nurse and her patient. Imogene King’s basic assumption of her theory is that the nurse and the client communicate information, set goals mutually, and act to attain those goals. The same can actually be said with Peplau’s theory wherein she states that nursing is an…show more content…
The client was adamant that she did not want to take drastic measures, but the husband indicated that he wanted whatever was necessary to improve his wife’s condition. This is an excellent example of a client losing the sense of self-hood. In regard to the concept of self, King (1981) stated “If nurses and other professionals interact with patients or clients as human beings, and let the individuals be themselves, nurses and patients would help each other grow in self-awareness and in understanding of human behavior, especially in stressful life experiences.” In an environment that requires one to be reactive and responsive, clients often perceive nurses as being too busy or too hurried. King (1981) encouraged nurses to be aware of how they present themselves to their clients because the manner in which nurses enter a client’s room sets the tone for the entire encounter. Poor communication skills lead to poor transactions and interactions between the nurse and the client. Poor communication skills also affect goal setting and goal attainment (Williams, 2001). It is solely because of this perception that proper “scripting” with the patients has been constantly reiterated to all nursing personnel and including even the support staff. In stark contrast with the example presented above, here is a situation where King’s Theory of Goal Attainment was used in the emergency room setting.
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