Theoretical Frameworks Of Sociology And Sociological Perspective Essay

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What does Sociology have to do with me? Why do people think or act differently than you? Why are some people rich while others are poor? Why do some commit crimes, break laws and others do not? These are all some of the questions students need an answer to, which led them to enrol to this course. “Sociology is the scientific study of individuals in groups, organizations, cultures and societies; and of the interrelationships of individuals, group, organizations, cultures and societies.” (Kennedy, 2011, p. 1). What makes someone a sociologist? It isn’t what they study that makes them a sociologist, but how they think about it and how they study it. In this essay, I will be discussing theoretical frameworks of sociology; what is sociological perspective, how sociology differs from other disciplines such as history, anthropology or psychology, and how are sociological paradigms are used as ‘tools of the sociologist’ in their analyses of human societies. Firstly, what is sociological perspective? The sociological perspective is the point of view on human behaviour and how society influences people, and vice versa. Typically, we tend to see things as it is. We think that it is just “there” just like everything else that 's been placed on earth. One wouldn’t bother questioning how or why it affects an individual and their behaviour. But the sociological perspective is where we do not do this. Rather, we look at our society and ask how that society affect us? The
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