Theoretical Frameworks Paper

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Theoretical frameworks are often used in research to form a background upon which the research is conducted (Cane et al 2012).Theories are created in order to guide the actual research. Therefore, theoretical frameworks are made at the beginning of a research activity. Some of the theories that would be used in the research include the behavioral management theory, leadership theory and change management theory. The behavioral management theory suggests that managers normally consider that their workers are human beings and they use them to achieve their organizational goals. Effective management of the employees makes them feel that they belong to that institution and thus will work hard as well to accomplish the goals of the organization.…show more content…
The types of leaders in any institution include autocratic leaders, democratic leaders and laissez faire leaders. Autocratic leaders do not allow for suggestions from employees while making certain decisions but democratic leaders value the opinions and ideas of employees. Laisses faire leaders on the other hand allow employees to make decisions on their own. Change management theory is also very important in guiding the research in the management field. This theory suggests that for change to be embraced in any institution, the people have to be involved and not forced to flow with the change (Miller & Tsang 2011).. People should be therefore given time to adapt to the changes, otherwise if they are forced, the change may take a long time in order to be fully implemented in the organization. These theories will create my theoretical framework for the study. They are very important especially when conducting a research based on management of an organization. Management, leadership and change are key aspects that affect the performance of an organization and they should be taken into account when conducting the…show more content…
For instance through implementation of the behavioral management theory, leadership theory and change management theory, I will have to use data collection methods that will enable me to engage with the employees and employers of firms. One of the methods that I will use to collect data is through structured, interviews, self-completion questionnaires and structured observations. In order to use the theoretical frameworks, I will have to create a literature review about the study in order to gather enough knowledge before conducting the actual research. The literature review will be based on the research problems. Theoretical frameworks also imply that quantitative methodology of research will have to be implemented throughout the study. In order to effectively apply the theoretical framework, I will have to first of all explain the nature and the challenges that are incurred in the study that I will be conducting. This will enable me to come up with the questions that I will ask the respondents during interviews and also in the
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