Theoretical Integrative Paper

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Theoretical Integrative Paper Theoretical Integrative Paper Abstract I believe that there has not been enough research that concerns human nature. There needs to be more of a clear perception regarding the examination of human nature, purposes and faults that explore this area. In this essay, an effort has been made to define, my interpretations, which are formed by my personal involvement, and a lot of other features of my life, which have to do with normal functioning, human nature, and dysfunctional in the setting of therapy. I have also linked my point of views to the implicit philosophy of humans on which redecision therapy and constructive psychotherapy and psychodynamic psychotherapy, are originated and linked together. Also, this has been completed with the determination of copying on them for me and to piggy back on this information in order to deliver a synthesis that would be authentic and valid for the type of personality I have and also where I am at currently in life. With that said, I have been able to display the likelihood of a mixture of the previous three theories mentioned above that will be able to help me with my patients that I will have down the road. Human Nature The humans as a whole have been able to lead obviously different lives comparing to those of the other kinds of animals, bearing in mind the fact that a few reorganizations of human genome can outcome in something like a dolphin. In spite of this genetic similarity, there are definite
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