Theoretical Literature Review On Poverty

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2. Literature Review 2.1 Theoretical Literature Review 2.1.1 concept definition Poverty: classical economist define of poverty as, the inability to attain a minimal standard of living measured in terms of basic consumption needs or the income required for satisfying these needs (World Bank 1990). Poverty is in this case characterised by the lack of individuals, households or whole societies to command adequate properties to satisfy their basic necessity. Consumption-based poverty lines are basically concerned with physical measures household well-being. The lack of minimal standards of consumption to attain basic physiological criteria is always termed absolute poverty or deprivation. It is mainly directly explained as not having adequate to eat or as hunger or malnutrition. According to Lipton (1997), the fundamental factors of poverty definition are based…show more content…
This poverty line is always depend on an estimated lowest dietary energy intake, or an amount needed for buying a minimum consumption bundle. Absence of consumption is more readily measured than absence of income, because the capability of poor house hold to smooth their consumption time to time in the face of income change arising from shocks (ascitedNimrod,2003). Present day, there has been a total change of in definition of poverty, stressing on vulnerability of the poor springing from their lack of capital assets such as human,
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