Theoretical Models

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Theoretical Models
Colleen M. O 'Leary
March 18, 2013

Theoretical Models
The benefits of a motivated staff should prove an impetus to managers to use motivation as a driving force to obtain a high degree of functioning by employees. According to Musselwhite (2011) “managers who are effective at motivating their direct reports reap the reward of employees who can handle a variety of assignments, work more autonomously, report higher levels of job satisfaction, and contribute more to the success of the department, the organization, and in return, to the success of their manager” (p. 46). This in turn may motivate the manager to work harder and look at ways to improve and increase departmental functioning in the future.
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329). Equity gives employees the sense of fairness in the workplace. A perceived inequity may result in decreased productivity and a sense of dissatisfaction in the workplace. An equitable workplace shows increased productivity, decreased absenteeism, and less staff turnover. Equity theory in the workplace shows greatly in matters of wages (Sweeney, 1990).
Goal-Setting Theory Theory Description Goal-setting theory developed in the 1960s and 1970s by Gary Latham and Edwin Locke promotes the notion that if a manager provides an employee with specific, challenging goals the worker tended to outperform a worker assigned a vague, non-specific goal such as “do the best you can.” This theory relies on the manager’s awareness of the skill level and abilities of all employees (Borkowski, 2005).
Goal-Setting Theory in the Workplace The concept of the goal-setting theory necessitates planning in advance by management after a thorough thought process of the goal needing to be met and the resources, including employees, available to assist in the goal achievement. The three steps required by the goal-setting theory, goal setting, goal commitment, and support elements, need careful consideration by the manager (Borkowski, 2005). Goals need the characteristics of specificity and measurability. As employees perform the different levels of self-confidence, the goals set by management must show attainability by the employee in accordance with the
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