Theoretical Orientation Graphic And Position Paper

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Theoretical Orientation Graphic and Position Paper Shanell Bathersfield Our Lady of the Lake University Theoretical Orientation Graphic and Position Paper Shanell Bathersfield conducted a self-assessment. She initially determined that the systems theory was one that she was not comfortable with. Through the last few course weeks, she was able to gain an in-depth perspective on several theories that are impactful in the social work field. The coursework and utilizing Juana and Adelina as case studies, truly gave an exclusive insight on how theories are used to understand the client’s circumstances and improve their well-being. While practicing social work it is important to understand how an individual’s system and environment can…show more content…
Attachment theory “posits that the real relationships of the earliest stages of life indelibly shape our survival functions in basic ways and that for the rest of the lifespan attachment processes lie at the center of the human experience” (Schore & Schore, 2008 ). The empowerment theory seeks to help individuals obtain the power of decision and action over their lives (Payne, 2014). This is achieved by increasing their self-confidence and reducing their access to social factors that may be a barrier (Payne, 2014). The feminist theory proposes “a high value to diversity and women’s individual choice” (Payne, 2014). The attachment theory, empowerment theory, and feminist theory are relevant when working with Hispanic Families. When referring to Juana and the Garcia family, it is critical to pay close attention to the family roles. Juana’s family dynamic consisted of Lupe taking care of the home and family and Miguel being the breadwinner (Grande, 2007). The empowerment theory and feminist theory would really have some positive outcomes with the Garcia family. The feminist theory can really help Juana and Lupe to become more dominant and realize the power and strength in themselves as women. Empowerment Theory The NASW (2008) states that primary mission of the social work profession incorporates, empowering people who are vulnerable, oppressed and living in poverty. East & Roll (2015) indicates the empowerment theory is efficient in
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