Essay on Theoretical Perspectives

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A Comparison of Theoretical Perspectives Heather L. Justice Psychology 104 Lisa Linkin May 6, 2009 A Comparison of Theoretical Perspectives Developmental psychology is the study of human development and the changes that take place from conception on. Through the study of human development, scientists are able to uncover patterns of development in which they make hypothesis and theories from. In their observations, developmental scientists have offered many theories that explain the growth of a child’s body, mind and personality. There are five major psychological theories which are the psychoanalytic, learning, cognitive, contextual and evolutionary / sociobiological perspectives. These perspectives guide scientist down a path…show more content…
When 10 green or white bucks are accumulated the child can cash them in for a prize from the treasure box, however yellow or red bucks are not counted. The use of the bucks is an example of educators using reinforcement and punishment to elicit good behavior. The final concept of the learning theory I’d like to discuss is the Social learning (social cognitive) Theory. Papalia et al. (2008) describes social learning as a process of of reciprocal determinism, which is the bidirectional interaction of the child and its environment. In my experience as a parent this type of learning has been enlightening in that, too often my own behavior is reflected back to me from my children. My son has recently began grumbling when he doesn’t like something, sadly I have recognized this behavior as something he has learned from me and is an example of what social learning theorists call observational learning or modeling. The learning perspective has shown us how children are affected by outside stimulus and are able to use environmental factors to fulfill their individual needs. How children think, is encompassed by a different perspective that I’d like to discuss which the cognitive perspective as it helps us understand how children process information. What goes through a child’s mind when they seek to fulfill their desires, how do they process new information and is new information used is specific ways to foster
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