Theoretical Perspectives On Sociology And Sociological Perspectives

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Theoretical Perspectives in Sociology
In the world of sociology there are many different ways that humans interact with the world. Although we are all human beings, we do not always see the world the same way that others do. Even though not many are aware of the different ways they can see the world, there are three sociological perspectives. Using structural functionalism, the conflict theory, and symbolic interactionism one will be able to decide which view best represents the way they see this world. When asked about my perspective on the world, I view it using the conflict theory due to the examples that society gives us based on events that happen frequently. Even though all three of these theories are socially correct, the conflict theory defines my view of the world more than structural functionalism and symbolic interaction.
According to sociologists, when viewing the world in a sociologically way, there are three different views that humans may share in common at times. The different functions that views present are structural functionalism, the conflict theory, and symbolic interaction. Which each of these beliefs consistent of differences, humans may not always share common beliefs. Structural functionalism is formed using a macro-level theory that sees society as something complete in which units make up the many parts which all work together to form their purposes and functions. Some of the main structures included in structural functionalism include religion,…
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