Theoretical Perspectives: Television

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Theoretical Perspectives: Television
Theoretical Perspectives: Television
When it comes to family and television shows, there are a lot of different theories that could be used in showing the theoretical point of view of the family. A healthy family would need to sustain and create environment which endorses physical and emotional health and psychological happiness for its members. To achieve this purpose, families will need to recognize how to support, nurture, encourage, protect, connect, generate structure and boundaries, have fun and work together as a group. Does a family have to have a certain look and to the television shows depict this certain look? The response to that could be as diverse as there are families; nevertheless there are shared features that can be originated in various types of families. With said, this essay will discuss four different shows the depict a family.
Cosby Show Functional Family
There is a convinced amount of role fluidity in functional families such as the television show of The Cosby Show. Vibrant role definitions are recognized as an important characteristic of family functioning and vital for a family's aptitude to familiarize to situations that are changing. Connected to the idea of role description is the concern of power. Whoever chooses what and how it is decided are pointers of the role structure in the family. As mentioned by Minuchin, within healthy families there is a perfect acknowledgment that the
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