Theoretical Perspectives and Research

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Introduction Modern, post-modern, critical theory and symbolic-interpretive are four different perspectives that provides different ways to analyse and understand organisations, however this essay shall focus on two perspectives, namely the modern and critical theory. These two perspectives have different views on concepts that might appear similar, thus this essay shall examine the different stands they each take. Concepts that can be examined include, power, control and conflict, organisational structures, organisations culture and organisation and its environment. This essay shall closely examine how the two perspectives have different views on the subject on power, control and conflict pertaining to the different ways to analyse and…show more content…
Deskilling makes the employees easily replaceable, in turn decreasing the price of labour allowing owners to benefit. Scientific management is commonly applied to modern day call centres, for instance, supervisory checks on recorded phone conversations. This allows methods to be routine and standardized as implemented by the management. (Robbins & Barnwell, 2006). This leads to the corrosion of the thought process thus resulting in deskilling and making workers easily replaceable. Resistance is the outcome of conflict of interests between entities. The modernist perspective assumes that everyone shares the same objective and reality (French, 2005). In general, modernist views resistance as a process that hinders workplace efficiency and ultimately blurs organisational goals (Crowther & Green, 2008). Resistance can come in many forms of conflict such as overt and covert acts, individual or collective. Modernist views resistance displayed greatly affects the organisational productivity, because the deliberate worsening of work performance will be unfavourable to organisational goals. Critical theorists believe resistance is the result of conflict and it is essential for the deliverance of the dominated, thus fulfilling human ethics and realizing
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