Theoretical Perspectives in the Film My Fair Lady

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My Fair Lady
My paper will cover the 3 theoretical perspectives in the film My Fair Lady. I will explain each perspective and after give a few examples from the movie itself accordingly to the perspective they belong in. When I did these analyses the major thing that I noticed was how much inequality there is in this world. I think the symbolic interactionism fits best for this movie because through this movie most of the people relied on personal interactions with each other and not institutions.
My fair lady is movie about a flower girl named Eliza Doolittle and a man named Henry Higgins of Phonetics. One night professor Higgins was at the Covent Garden market talking to his friend Colonel Pickering. While
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Higgins hears her and writes notes on his paper about how Eliza speaks; Eliza thought he was police about to take her when really he was just another man. “Sir, don't let 'im charge me. You dunno what it means to me. They'll take away me character and drive me on the streets, for speakin' to gentlemen.” Eliza stated. This sentence states very clearly that this was the begging of one of the norms that Eliza went against. The norm was that a poor girl like Eliza is not supposed to speak to a rich gentleman such as Pickering. Another bystander tells Eliza to leave the man alone but she states, “I never spoke to him except to ask him to buy a flow'r off me.” Again here we can see that she is definitely breaking a norm. She spoke when she was not allowed to speak, breaking a norm that the government had made so that these two societies function. You mind your business and I will mind my own, is what the government implied from the functionalist perspective. From a functionalists perspective these to societies would not be able to function if they were too friendly. Another example of Eliza breaking a norm was when she overheard Pickering’s and Higgins conversation. Higgins stated “Well, sir, in six months, I could pass her off as a duchess at an Embassy ball. I could even get her a job as a lady's maid or a shop assistant, which requires better English”. At this moment Eliza wanted to make a change in her life and make it fast because she did not
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